Every day is a new and unique day in my job as a counsellor!


Every day is a new and unique day in my job as a counsellor!

What is the counsellor, why I love my job and what are the values ​​at the base of my job.
Article written by Geneviève Rabouin

Today, I would like to share with you a very special aspect of my life - my work as a counsellor. Yes, I know, it might seem weird calling you “my journal”, and trusting you with this part of me, but I think you can really understand what it’s like to be in this field.

Being a counsellor is much more than just a job for me - it’s a vocation and a passion. Every day, I get up knowing that I could make a difference in someone’s life by offering attentive listening and empathetic support. I feel like a beacon of light in the storm, ready to guide those in need to a place of calm and understanding.

When I walk into my office, I feel like I’m crossing a magical threshold. Everything around me takes on an atmosphere of intimacy, acceptance, and confidentiality. Each person sitting in front of me carries his or her own burden of emotions, thoughts, and worries. A life story of ups and downs, moments of happiness and times of challenges and changes. And that’s where my work begins.

Being a counsellor means listening without judging, accepting without criticizing. It means providing a safe space where people can freely express their emotions, live them, without fear of being judged or misinterpreted. I am like a lifeline in a rough sea, ready to gather the fears, anxieties and disappointments of my clients and support them as they learn to swim to the shore of healing.

My role is not only to listen, but also to guide and encourage, to be present with the person in front of me, in the “here and now”. By asking open-ended questions, I help people explore their own experiences and find answers in themselves. I don’t give solutions, but I try to bring out the hidden strength, wisdom, and inner power in people.

Being a counsellor doesn’t just mean working with people’s negative emotions and problems. I often witness amazing transformations and see how my clients face challenges and difficulties with courage and resilience. I also share moments of happiness with them, validating the importance of “allowing” oneself to be happy, without guilt or shame. It’s an amazing experience to see someone realize their potential and find the courage to follow their dreams.

However, there are also difficult moments. There are situations where I can’t do much to help, moments when the person is not ready to take the path of change. In these moments, I try not to take things personally and to remember that everyone has their own rhythm and way of meeting challenges. When that happens, I work with the client on why they are not ready to make changes, leaving space for the emotional experience. That’s what being a counsellor is all about. Respect.

This work requires constant commitment, personal and professional growth in evolution. Every day, I try to learn something new, to keep abreast of the latest scientific discoveries and to hone my skills. I realize that I still have much to learn and that the path of knowledge is infinite. I try to be a better person and through that, a better counsellor, just like you, who are asking me to accompany you on your journey to wellness 😊

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Geneviève Rabouin

Geneviève Rabouin

I am Geneviève Rabouin, professional counsellor, social worker and intercultural mediator,
with more than twenty years of experience in various intervention contexts.


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