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Geneviève Rabouin

Professional counsellor

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Genevièvè Rabouin

Counsellor - Social Worker - Intercultural Mediator

The opportunity to help people concretely and to accompany them towards personal change in their lives is what motivates me to carry out this work with passion and love.

My goal is to help you in all of your complexity and individuality by offering a healthy, safe and confidential place to start a process that allows you to find personal freedom and inner peace.

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A first contact is necessary to clarify and evaluate your request. If the first contact is positive, we will evaluate the best modalities and start working together on achieving your goals of living a better life.

Confidentiality is important to me, please use these means of communication only for general inquiries and appointments.

Harmonie Counsellor

Counseling services for individuals, couples, families and groups