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Geneviève Rabouin

Counsellor - Social Worker - Intercultural Mediator

My name is Geneviève Rabouin, I’m a professional counsellor, social worker and intercultural mediator with more than twenty years of experience in various areas of intervention. I specialize in personal growth of the individual, family relationships, migration and expatriation processes, and family support in the context of pediatric illness.

I graduated in Social Work in Montreal in 1997 and have specialized as a professional counsellor and intercultural mediator since 2009. I propose a safe and welcoming place where you can share your experiences with serenity and promote a better personal well-being.

My role in the counselling process is to help you connect with your potential and personal balance by focusing on your life needs and goals.


"Thanks to her rich professional and personal experience, Geneviève offers listening and support adapted to a wide variety of situations and challenges that people can face. She knows how to be empathetic, was able to receive my emotions, and I came out of my first session very serene. I particularly appreciated his positive approach. "
"Genevieve offers an easy, accessible, and natural way for you to finally face your emotions, your personal challenges or simply go and find tools to face daily life. A small bonus for expats, she has been living this reality for 20 years and will understand you immediately."

What is counselling?

Counselling is a process where an individual, couple or family meets with a trained professional counsellor to talk about issues and problems that they are facing in their lives. Professional counselling is confidential and non-judgmental. The purpose of counselling is to provide people with the opportunity to better themselves, to recover and activate their own internal positive resources and thus obtain greater satisfaction as individuals and in their relationships.

Counselling is defined by empathy, unconditional acceptance of the person, profound respect for the person’s individuality, the choices and direction that he or she wants to give to their life.

How can I help you as a counsellor?

My role as a counsellor is to facilitate the change you want to initiate by clarifying your needs at the time of the request for assistance and to enhance the awareness of your personal resources and their activation to bring you to a new balance and well-being.

Start taking care of yourself!

Our first contact, by telephone or online, will allow us to get to know each other and explore your request for support.

Areas of intervetion

Counselling for people living abroad

Is your decision to live abroad a personal and thoughtful choice or an obligation due to unforeseen factors?

These two situations, which are very different, can seem both exciting and adventurous, but they can also create stressful and demanding situations. Expatriates face many challenges, such as adapting to a new cultural environment, language, loneliness, and lack of family and social support. Meeting a counsellor and having support throughout the migration process can be very important. A follow-up can possibly help and promote a serene integration in your host country and allow you to live the positive elements that this new life offers you.

Types of sessions

The meetings take place online via a platform such as Skype or Zoom which are easily downloadable on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The only requirement is to have a good internet connection and a camcorder to see and hear each other.

My approach

The helping relationship has been my passion for over twenty years. I strongly believe in contact based on respect and listening without judgment, using the phenomenological approach in my speech. At the root of every relationship, humanism, empathy, sharing, confidentiality, the power of change and the personal resources of each are at the forefront.

First contact

Our first contact, via telephone or online, will allow us to explore your request for help and your expectations.

Definition of the intervention

After our first contact, we will begin our counselling journey by assessing your goals and how to achieve them.

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Counseling services for individuals, couples, families and groups