Geneviève Rabouin

Counsellor - Social Worker - Intercultural Mediator

My name is Geneviève…

Born in Montreal, Canada, I obtained my Social Work degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in 1997. In 2001, I decided to emigrate to Bolzano, Italy. I continued various professional training during the years, and I have specialized as a counsellor and intercultural mediator pursuing my personal and professional adventure in my new adoptive country for more than 20 years.

I have been a member of the AICO – Italian Association of Counselling and Social Workers of Veneto (OASV) – for many years now. Both in my hometown and in Italy, my professional experience is very diversified: in Quebec, my work was mainly in pediatric university hospital and for territorial social services, while in Italy, I have had the pleasure of working with various public services, associations, and social cooperatives.

My professional experience is defined above all by the support and accompaniment of women and men who are eager to improve their personal relationships, whether in family, social or professional relationships.

As a counsellor, I accompany you by respecting your individuality, offering you a healthy and confidential space to dialogue and initiate a process that will allow you to develop your personal strategies and to find serenity and inner peace.


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Thanks to her rich professional and personal experience, Geneviève offers listening and support adapted to a wide variety of situations and challenges that people can face. She knows how to be empathetic, was able to receive my emotions, and I came out of my first session very serene. I particularly appreciated his positive approach.
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Genevieve offers an easy, accessible, and natural way for you to finally face your emotions, your personal challenges or simply go and find tools to face daily life. A small bonus for expats, she has been living this reality for 20 years and will understand you immediately.
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Geneviève is exceptional for expats who are looking for help to adapt to a new culture and face the challenges that can arise during an international transfer. I was very impressed with her professional approach and attention to details. Geneviève has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of different aspects of life abroad and cultural differences and has provided me with valuable support at every stage of my adjustment. In addition, I found Genevieve very competent in listening to my concerns and personal problems. She worked with me to develop practical solutions tailored to my needs. Her great empathy made me feel listened to and understood.
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Great professional who succeeded in helping me in a complicated period of my family life by putting the pieces back in place, supporting me to find serenity.Great seriousness, competence and delicacy in the relationship with the the client. I would recommend her to everyone, thank you very much again.
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I would like to thank Ms. Rabouin for helping me overcome my anxieties following the end of my conjugal relationship after 18 years as a couple. She supported me emotionally at all stages of separation. She accompanied me in the ups and downs and helped me regain awareness of my personal needs. Highly recommended!
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Genevieve has been vital in guiding me on my journey to weight loss after struggling with weight issues for years after having a baby. She is intuitive, empathetic and professional and understands how to guide someone towards both short- and long-term goals.
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I have had problems with my chronic disease for a long time and I decided to work with Geneviève. Fortunately, she really listened to me and was not insistent or critical. We found solutions together that helped me and now I am able to understand my emotions and also the causes. I highly recommend her!

What is counselling all about?

We all find ourselves in a situation of conflict, whether at the relational level or with ourselves – to grieve because we lost someone we loved or we had to let go of something important, to have doubts about the path to follow at the professional or personal level or simply to feel an imbalance in one of the areas of our existence. Counselling promotes active and proactive behavior and introspection, building on individuals' personal strengths and abilities to make life choices and make changes. The goal is to overcome the difficult moments related to the phases of transition, moments of crisis and evolutionary processes of life.

The purpose of counselling is to help the person overcome difficult personal moments and to develop this experience by giving them meaning and the goal of regaining personal well-being for more fulfilling relationships.

How can I help you as a counsellor?

The relationship that is established through the help process with the client is fundamental for me as a professional. This relationship is based on trust and respect for the differences that characterize us: personal, religious, spiritual beliefs and origins, at the individual, social, family, and ethnic levels.

As an expert in relationships and communication, the counsellor works with problems that have to do with human interactions, professional and interpersonal relationships, and the relationship with oneself. The helping process translates into acceptance and listening to the person and my role is to "help the person to help him or herself"!

This quote from Carl Rogers perfectly describes the concept:

'If a person is in difficulty, the best way to help them is not to tell them explicitly what to do, but rather to help them understand the situation and manage the problem by making them take full responsibility for their choices and decisions. Individuals have vast resources within them to understand themselves and change their self-concept."

Our first contact

Our first contact, by telephone or online, will allow us to explore your request for support. If everything is positive, we will start our sessions, assessing the objectives on which to work on and how to achieve them.

The frequency and duration of the counselling journey are very personal according to your needs and we will address this aspect in the first sessions.

My training and approach are based on phenomenological counselling and aim to offer you a unique, personalized and present-oriented support.

Make an appointment

Just one click to start taking care of yourself. Contact me for your first, free 20-minute session. Our first contact, by telephone or online, will allow us to explore your request for support.

Areas of intervetion

Expat counselling

Can counselling help individuals cope with the migration process more effectively?

I specialize in supporting and accompanying expatriates and/or migrants to go through the ups and downs of living abroad. Together, we will focus on the unique needs of your migration experience and the challenges you can face.

The benefits of having support are considerable, as it can help improve interpersonal communication with people close to you and in the country where you a starting a new life. Counselling promotes understanding of cultural differences and adaptation to a new work situation, school, or social environment.

In addition, I can help you prevent or manage social isolation, providing an opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. I can also provide important emotional support, especially if you are away from your family and support network.


Our sessions take place online via a platform such as Skype or Zoom which are easily downloadable on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The only requirement is to have a good internet connection and a camcorder to see and hear each other.

Consultations can be conducted in Italian, English and French.

Individual counselling
The individual session is a process of interaction between the counsellor and the client, the purpose of which is to help you initiate a changing process and make decisions about your personal choices and goals.
Couple counselling
The couple session is a form of support offered to those who want to reflect on the emotional or communicative difficulties that may emerge within your couple relationship.
Parental counselling
The parental counselling session is a space for dialogue offered to single parents or couples who wish to deepen, clarify, and improve their educational style, family communication and daily dialogue with their children.
Group counselling
The group session is a counselling journey for people who share a common experience or problem
Laboratories based on selected themes and content where creativity, active participation and sharing are the basis of the objectives of this working modality.
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Is online meetings really effective?

For many people, online support may seem inefficient, but studies tell us the opposite – in Europe, one-third of the help-related sessions are done online, while research continues to study this working modality.

Save time and money
Online sessions save time and money. If you have a demanding job or little time, you can simply complete the session without travelling, thereby reducing costs and saving time.

Consistency and elasticity
Wherever you are, you can continue your sessions without having to interrupt or reschedule your appointments. You can organize your day, your agenda, and your commitments flexibly.

You can do an online session that suits you in complete confidentiality, we will be alone online, no one else will see or hear you.

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